Monday, April 30, 2012

Run a Half Marathon. Check.

Yesterday was race day. Over the past few months I went from barely being able to run 2 miles to completing a half marathon. And my training schedule has been less than stellar. I mean, to me--it worked out great. But I'm pretty sure no real runner would endorse a training program that has you running just one run per week...your long run. But, with work, life, the babe and everything else, that's all that I had time to do. And I actually think my body liked the fact that I didn't run it into the ground.

The weather was perfect. Warm enough that I wasn't cold in my shorts and t-shirt. Cool enough that I never felt hot. There was a light breeze that dried my sweat in the sun and gave me goosebumps in the shade. The course was beautiful. Scenic. A bit too hilly for my liking. Definitely hillier than I was anticipating {partly due to a last-minute need to re-route the course to account for a portion of a collapsed wall along the trail}. And there was a sea of people. I was never alone. The bands or solo performers along the course put up their best shot, I'm sure. Although there weren't many songs that really rocked. I got to see my cheering squad at the Start, Mile 3 and Mile 6 and the Finish. {There was a snafu with the shuttles, so unfortunately I didn't get to see them at Mile 9}. Considering the fact that I haven't run 13.1 miles since I ran my full marathon five years ago in Nashville, I'm pretty proud of myself. I ran the first half about 30 seconds per mile faster than my goal pace and the second half anywhere from 30 seconds-1 minute slower than goal pace. So it evened out and I was just a few minutes slower than my goal (which was a 10-minute mile pace). And overall, while sore, I'm not the kind of can't-even-roll-over-in-bed kind of sore that I was after my marathon.

Now, some photos of the event {unfortunately, the camera died as I came in to the finish, so there are no post-race pics of me...but I swear I finished. I have the medal to prove it.}

And I'm off!

Burke's First Bus Ride

 Trying to get Burke's attention at Mile 3. There were so many people, he never did see me.

Go Mama!

Still going strong at Mile 6

Pre-race with Aunt Lydia--who ran a PR of 1:45:22! We're so proud of her!
See. Told you I finished!
We ended up with a tired Mama, a tired baby boy and a tired fan club. But it was a great day and a fun race!

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