Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In defense of Pinterest

Because when my husband says to me every night are you really pinning again?????? a defense is obviously required.

My first thought upon discovering Pinterest was where have you been all my life?

My second thought: How in the world will I ever have time to do any of the things I’m pinning when I’m so hopelessly addicted to pinning?

So I pinned and pinned and pinned. Then I pinned and pinned some more. Then I finally had enough of my pinned life – a magical wonderful place that was completely fabricated from the messy coagulation of my pin boards and would never exist in real life {because no one's life is a pintastic nirvana}. And I began to create, do, make. {While still pinning, of course}

And when my husband says Mmm…this is delicious! Where did you get this idea? I say Pinterest.

Or when he applauds me for creating some clever household product, I ask if he wants to know where I got the idea. He knows. Pinterest.
So, whenever he asks me “The Question” I just remind him of all of the reasons why he actually loves Pinterest too.

Perhaps its the Guinness brownies.

Or the 30-minute mozzarella

Which I used to make homemade pizzas on the grill. Yeah, they were amazing. He was impressed.

Or maybe it's the more practical things...like a homemade mosquito trap.

{He definitely liked that one, because he's still fuming over the fact that one of the feral cats roaming our hood knocked it over the same night we put it out, spilling nearly all of its contents}

He always asks to use the coconut oil body butter I made with lavender and tea tree oil.

Oh and he thought this multigrain bread was to die for.

And he said that I looked beautiful when I rocked the circle skirt I made for Easter.

{Don't mind my awkward pose. My husband's not the most patient photographer and I was rushed into position}

For whatever reason {and there are many more}, I think I've made my point. My husband clearly benefits from all that pinning!

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