Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Burke Loves His Daddy

So much! Ordinarily, I might wish for a bit of loyalty in a fellow. But my Burke is not overly loyal when it comes to being either a daddy’s boy or a mama’s boy and I kind of like it that way. On any given day At any given moment, he’s one or the other and sometimes both. I love that he loves us both so much that sometimes he can’t decide whose arms to climb into. So we often have family hugs.

Yesterday, my hubby was home on his Easter break. {Thank goodness for the 4-day weekend!} Burke made sure to soak up this extra special Daddy time and got plenty of Daddy lovin’. We ended our day at the park where I captured some of this adorable father-son bonding via Instagram.

 These photos just melt my heart. My boy and his daddy... Love them!

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