Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Becoming Sanctified

Sanctification is getting out of what you know and getting in to what you don't know. Setting yourself free from what you know.

Hearing these words Sunday morning, I was struck by one eternal truth: God always confirms His word. It might be phrased differently each time, but the word remains the same. It’s timeless. Eternal. And steadfast. And there is no room for doubt when it has been uttered over and over and over again by people I’ve never met. People who have no idea that God’s already given me the same word. And that He’s using them to confirm that word.

Until Sunday, I didn’t know the word for what we are doing. I didn’t know that stepping out of the boat meant that we were becoming sanctified. But of course that’s what it means. Because why else would Daddy draw us out of safety? To draw us even closer to Him. And to make us holy and pure. {The phrase refined by fire rings a bell right about now}

As I step out of what I know and jump into that which is unknown, I find that instead of fear, I have begun courting a strange and addicting concoction of excitement and curiosity. My curiosity insists on pushing the envelope. Investigating the depths of my Father’s mysteries and tapping into the abundance of His heart. And my excitement at the sheer thrill of living day-to-day, moment-to-moment all but suffocates me at times.

When the world sees recklessness and foolishness, I see freedom. When it appears as though I've forsaken knowledge, education and even the laws of nature, I am living my best moment. I am becoming holy and pure. I am becoming sanctified.

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