Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Steps Toward Sustainability

So I was hoping to get this post published around Earth Day, since April is recognized as Earth Month. But, taking life as it comes, I am just now getting to finish it...on May 1.

Anyway, a friend of mine works for Recyclebank, a company dedicated to eliminating waste worldwide by rewarding people for taking steps toward sustainability in their everyday lives. {It’s super cool…you should check it out!} Earlier this month In April, I went to Recyclebank’s website to check out their Passport for the Planet initiative for Earth Month. I started in Europe and the facts were astonishing. But one in particular struck me the most.

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

The Strauss family is big on recycling. Called “The Greenest Family In The World”, this family of three only generates one bag of garbage a year. By composting, buying recyclable products, and reusing as much as they possibly can, they are truly masters of sustainability.
One. Bag. Of. Garbage. PER YEAR!!!!!

This blew my mind. Then Recyclebank asked how many bags of trash my family threw out per month. How close to the Strauss family could I come in my own life?

And it got me thinking…

How could I take steps to eliminate waste in my household in order to reduce the amount of trash I throw out?

Luckily, I'm pinning away lots of crafty ideas for future reference. That's when I remembered one pin in particular--a tutorial for reusable "paper" towels. Perfect! I hate going through so much paper product and this would be a perfect way to begin eliminating waste in our household. Not to mention, the cost of all those paper products over the span of a lifetime is probably quite astounding. So, I set to work making these babies and I'm sold! I'll be making more. Lots more. For me. For gifts. Whatever. They're awesome! Terry cloth on one side. Soft flannel on the other. They are super absorbent and rise to whatever occasion might be necessary. They snap together and we found that when you forget a bib, two towels snapped together make a pretty useful makeshift bib for our messy little eater!

With the handy snaps, this doubles as a hand towel!
This is just step one toward sustainability in our household. We are compelled to continue the journey, creatively exploring ways to eliminate waste, preserve our environment, avoid harmful toxins and chemicals and live the way God intended.

How have you taken steps toward sustainability in your household? I'd love to hear from you!

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