Sunday, April 8, 2012

To My Darling Burke: Ten Months

In one word: chatterbox.

You have so much to say. And you share your mind all. the. time. Unless you're deep in concentration, determinedly trying to tackle whatever obstacle stands in the way of the object {usually the dog. or his bowl} that has caught your fancy, you are chattering away. Mostly gibberish. Lots of ooo's. And occasionally some real words get thrown in the mix. Or sometimes, you just get stuck like a broken record and it's da da da da da da da da da all. day. long.

I love to listen to your sweet little voice. Especially when you say Mama! That's right. You learned to say mama this month and I was pleased as punch!

What's even more exciting is knowing that you've learned to associate words with people, animals and even simple questions or commands. You have been eagerly responding to the question what does the cow say? for a few months now. But this month, you've added quacking to your repertoire. When I ask you what is that? you will respond if you know the answer. You say Dah for dog. Duck and quack sound a lot alike, but we get the point. You say ba when you want or see your cup, although I'm not really sure how you arrived at that word. Another word you love to say is more. When you're eating and we don't get food to you fast enough, it's more! more! more!

You have also learned to say yay when you clap your hands. One is not done without the other. You'll wave hello and goodbye and even say Hi! One of the sweetest things you learned this month was to "blow" kisses. Okay, so you don't actually blow them, but you smack your lips together whenever we leave or ask you to blow kisses. You love to stand at the window, watching for Mama and Daddy to come home from work. And while you're standing there watching us walk up to the house, you excitedly smack your lips together, blowing kisses.

Finally, Love, you figured out how to crawl normally. Yes, you have been able to get where you want to go for some time now. But until this month, if you weren't walking behind one toy or another, you were doing the belly worm crawl that made your shirts take on a dull look from brushing the ground all the time. I am happy to report that your shirts are no longer dull...they're just filthy! You are now into everything. And with the nice weather, that means dirt. You also hate wearing bibs and routinely decide to pull them off your neck right at the messiest part of your meal.

You have a mind of your own, little lover, and the older you get, the more it shows. You are hopelessly stubborn, impressively strong, and intelligent beyond expectation. You are determined and curious, fearless. Yes, you are definitely fearless. You race toward adventure. Laugh in the face of danger. You're an instigator and a wild man. Always moving. So busy. But you are sweet and gentle too. A little lover who strokes his mama's chest and plays with her hair. And you're the world's greatest flirt. You go out of your way to make eye contact with anyone passing by. As soon as you've captured their attention, you flash that toothy, dimply grin that melts even the hardest hearts. No one can resist your charm. And like that, you're the center of attention. Such a ham. Bringing joy to everyone you meet. You are one happy little fellow and you've made me so very happy too!

I love you, Burke!

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