Tuesday, September 6, 2011

To My Darling Burke: Three Months

Wow! It's so hard to believe that you are already three months old! Everyone was right when they told me that time really flies once you have children. This has been the best three months of my life. This month, you really started coming into your own. Your little personality started to blossom and continues to do so each new day.

You are still as joyful and jolly as ever--such a good boy! You love to smile and talk. You are quite loud at times with all that "talking." But it's music to my ears, Bug. I'll never forget that sweet sound. Some of your favorite moments are spent babbling away, naked as a jay bird. In fact, "naked hiney time" (as it's been dubbed here in our household) contents you in those rare moments you just can't help being fussy--usually right before bedtime.

This month, you slept for eight hours straight--and you did it a few times! That was the best birthday present you gave Mama. Usually, you sleep about 6-8 hours at a time and then go back down for another 3-4 hours...at least once. You LOVE your sleep! (Mama did get the "Best Napper" award in kindergarten, Love. So you've come by it honestly). You also really really found those hands of your's. What started as a curious taste has now blossomed into how-many-fingers-or-fists-can-I-shove-into-my-mouth-at-once! Usually, though, you end up sucking your thumb and index finger, and ocassionally your middle finger slips in there too. But then you end up gagging yourself, causing the contents of your chubby belly to vacate.

During playtime, you get sooo close to rolling over. You get yourself on your side and even get your top leg flipped over. But you just haven't been able to quite figure out what to do with that bothersome arm that seems to prevent you from making the move. So, you usually wiggle yourself around your playmat in that position while sucking those chubby fingers.

You are so strong, Burke! While you are still too small for your exersaucer, we make it work for you with pillows and blankets, because you just love to practice standing on your own.

And you have started to enjoy sitting up in your Bumbo seat. You try your hardest to sit up on your own, but those ab muscles still betray you when the time comes. You'll get there, Love. Don't rush it!

And finally, my love, one of the most amazing discoveries you have made this month is toys. All of a sudden you notice those colorful, noisy objects that obstruct your view. And you gaze at them with curiousity, concentration and delight. This discovery has even made our car rides ever so slightly more enjoyable, as you are distracted for a moment or two by the silly duck that dangles from your car seat.

I love you, Bug! Each month gets more exciting as I watch you discover this big world. Thank you for giving me a pure, innocent and fresh perspective through which to see our life. I do love every moment!


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