Monday, August 29, 2011

A Day in Our Life (During the Summer)

Our sweet boy likes to sleep in.

The boys at breakfast. Sometimes Burke is dressed...

Sometimes still in his pj's...

Always happy...

Sometimes just in his diaper thanks to drool and spit-up...

Ready for our morning walk with Daddy and Rutherford!

Sometimes Burke falls asleep on our walk...because 13 hours of sleep just isn't enough for a growing boy!

We have playtime.

Lots of playtime!

And lots of naptime too!

We like to watch the Phillies play!

And Burke loves his bathtime before bed.

After bathtime comes naked hiney time. Our little boy loves to let it all hang out--and it buys Mama and Daddy a good 15-20 minutes when trying to stall before bedtime.

And then...usually by 8pm, our sweet boy is ready to hit the sack and do it all over again!

We had a great summer together--meeting our baby boy and watching him grow so fast! Now it's back to work, but we'll always treasure this time we spent together!

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