Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Desire of Our Hearts: The Introduction

I can't say as though I woke up one morning as said "Ah ha! I have found my desire." I can't even say that I knew my desire was even beginning to dawn on me or settle in my heart. I do, however, remember crying out to God. Show me my destiny! What is my purpose? I know I was created for something more than I am doing, created to be someone more than I am. What is it, Lord? Who am I to be? This was about two years ago.

Just a picture of my two favorite boys for some visual enjoyment!
As Ben and I continued to do life, there came a point where we both realized that these things we valued, these things we discussed on our walks with the dog, these things that really got us excited, gave us hope--these were the desires of our hearts! And that was so exciting. Once we finally came to this realization, we realized that this desire was also our destiny. And that still gives me chills. Each day we excitedly thank God for our destinies and trust that we are one day closer to their realization. A visiting speaker at our church once said that "if God gave you a promise, and things don't look like that promise--then hold on tight, because change is about to happen!" Change is coming our way. Big change. Exciting change. SUPERNATURAL change. And I can't wait.

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