Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My First Mother's Day

I had no expectations for Mother's Day. Traditionally, I have always thought it more of a Hallmark holiday than a real holiday. I guess my thinking is that if you don't honor your mom throughout the year, then it probably doesn't mean a whole lot to sign a sentimental card and maybe have a nice dinner on Mother's Day. So, as a new mother, I told Ben that he didn't need to do anything for me. He honors me every day. I am so grateful to have such a loving, appreciative partner in this journey!

That being said, I had a wonderful first Mother's Day. My baby--who has reverted to his newborn sleeping pattern these past two months as his molars worked their way down--actually slept nearly all night. He only got up one time and it was a quick and easy back-to-sleep. Unfortunately, I'm so conditioned to early rising and getting up 3-4 times per night that I could only sleep in until 6:30. But, I felt more rested than I had in what seemed like years.

We had spent the night in Allentown at my in-laws so that we could share Mother's Day with Burke's Ga-Ga first thing that morning. It turned out to be a blessing for everyone. Ga-Ga got first dibs with our family. And when Burke took a 2-hour morning nap, I got to lay around and rest. There was nothing I had to do. Nothing I wanted to do. And so I soaked up all the rest my body could handle.

Ga-Ga got to have lunch with all of her grandkids and photos too. Then, we packed our car and headed to York to see my mom and Burke's Grammy {who recently returned from China!}. The promise of homemade waffles and ice cream fueled us the entire way there!

We extended our relaxation at my parents' home, where there are always plenty of aunts, uncles and friends to give Burke lots of attention while giving Mama and Daddy a break. The only people missing were my grandmas. A few minutes before we were supposed to pick her up, my grandma called to tell me that she would be spending the remainder of her Mother's Day at the hospital so that the doctors could get her heart beating normally again. {she has problems with arrhythmia} We are glad that she is now home again and we can't wait to visit and give her the gift we crafted just for her! And my Nana lost her battle to colon cancer this past December. Despite the fact that her body was ravaged by this disease, she left a wonderful legacy of beauty and grace in her last days. It's days like this that make me miss her all the more, but I know she is at peace now and I look forward to sharing my memories of her with my children.

While Mother's Day is just that--one day in a year--I'll take it if it means some rest and relaxation for this tired mama! As my baby boy grows, I love that he gets more snuggly and lovey. He nestles in for hugs and kisses many times during a day. He needs me. He loves me. And, although it still hasn't completely settled in my mind, I'm his Mama. {yes, on our way home from Allentown I caught a glimpse of myself in the side mirror and asked Ben if he could believe that we are parents...because I couldn't. I wonder if it'll ever really sink in.} Motherhood has been the best journey of my life. And I wonder if this Mother's Day, maybe I was the one most thankful that God made me a mother!

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