Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Life as we know it right now

Seeing as though Ken Bruggeman has captured our family through his lens at each milestone in our lives this past year, it was without hesitation that we once again took advantage of his perspective as we sought to preserve through photos our life as we know it right now. {Thanks to Ken, we have memories as expectant first-time parents, memories of the day our sweet boy was born, and of our new family of three}.

I knew Burke would be a difficult subject to shoot, being highly independent, impressively mobile and possessing that token one-year-old interest in doing everything but what you want him to do. Burke is the most pleasant little boy I know {a compliment we are paid so often}. But just as soon as I say that he's always happy and cooperative, he goes right ahead and makes a filthy dirty liar out of me! Kids!!! Truthfully, although I remember a few devilish charming smiles scattered throughout the shoot, the majority of my memories centered around the panic I felt at the fact that our photos were going to be terrible. Because my son would just not cooperate. He was being a stinker. A stubborn little one-year-old stinker! And yet, when Ken showed us our photos yesterday, I was in love. He had captured our little boy just as we know him--happy, independent, playful and loving. So, without further ado, here are some other photos from our family photo shoot. {To see the entire gallery click here}

And it wouldn't be a complete family photo shoot if we didn't include our one on the way! 

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