Monday, June 25, 2012

Dreams, Desires and Destiny

I don't want the doubts of others to change the way I love
I don't want the fear of others to change the way I fly

Have you ever wanted something so badly that it consumed you? It was your dream. Your destiny. It filled every waking thought and invaded your dreams. It was organically rooted in your soul and sometimes felt like its mere presence was about to suffocate you. Like you couldn't catch your breath under the weight of it all. But it was a good weight, a hefty gravity you welcomed.

And have you ever told anyone--your close friend, a family member, a stranger even--about this desire only to be shot down? Rejected. Deflated. Brought back to "reality." At least their perception of reality. Come on, be realistic. You're such a dreamer. You know that will never happen. What about blah, blah, blah...

Well I have. Many times. First, when I wanted to be a movie star. Then there was the time I wanted to be a famous musician. No one ever scoffed when I said I'd decided to become a lawyer. But a model...that was a different story. A mom? No problem. My small town could understand that one...although they may not have understood why I waited so long. {Married at 26, a first-time mom at 28--old maid!! I was lucky my reproductive organs were still functioning, I guess} But the bright lights and fairytales...apparently, those would never be my reality. Settle down. Get a job. Raise kids. Make money like a responsible adult. Realistic. 

Okay so maybe I wasn't destined to be a movie star, have a Top 10 hit or model for Victoria's Secret. {Don't get me wrong, though. If someone offered me any one of those things I would accept without even a moment's hesitation.} But in the course of dreaming, suffocating and deciding to pursue that thing that weighed on my soul at each juncture in life, I have discovered my destiny. And here I am once again suffocating under its beautiful gravity as it threatens to surface. To consume me. And to prevail. Once again, it's not realistic. Not even possible, really. At least not humanly possible. But I have a good feeling about this one... Good thing for me, I happen to possess some superhuman tendencies. It's why I was created. To fulfill this very purpose. Because I've finally arrived at the precise intersection of destiny and desire. It is this special place where my dreams have become my desires which have been revealed to me as my destiny. It's super sweet.

And I'm not going to let anyone's doubts or fears or talks of some silly old "reality"--which is really just their flawed perception of circumstances and life--keep me from this one. And I challenge you to do the same!

Don't limit yourself by the realities of others. Expand their realities by pursuing your dreams, desires and destiny!

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