Friday, June 1, 2012

Was it really just last year

that I donned makeup and did my hair for the first time as a Mama so that we could rush off to capture Burke's precious innocence in his first photo shoot?
Really? A whole year?
 This photo hangs in his nursery and he loves to point at it asking wha da?
 I tell him that it's him...when he was a baby. And then I wonder what my baby is if he's no longer a baby.
And it hits me. He's a big boy. A toddler. Really, in the true sense of the word. He toddles around all the livelong day stopping only for an occasional drink, a brief hug, and maybe just a moment of reassurance that he won't suffer permanent brain damage from all of the knocks his hard head sustains.
Oh and that precious innocence decided to poop right in my hand that day. Right in the middle of his photo shoot. He didn't even bother to wake up. Guess he taught us who calls the shots. But you'd never know that my white shirt was stained with baby poop in this photo.
Or this one.
I am so thankful for these photos because without proof, I never would ever believe that my baby--my toddler--was ever this tiny. I would never remember that he resembled a little old man and that he looked nothing like he looks now.
As I look at these photos, I have no idea how in the world we determined that he looked like Burke. But he couldn't have had a more appropriate name, as he could be any one of my mom's or grandma's boys. His resemblance to my dad is uncanny.
 And these photos help to remind me of those first days, weeks and months when I would measure his growth by the width of his back. In the beginning, his tiny back fit in the palm of my hand. And slowly, it began to spread. But each day, I'd say to myself he's not wider than my hand yet. Until one day, I realized that he was.
While he may look like my side of the family, his personality is so much his daddy. Energetic, enthusiastic, determined, bullheaded slightly stubborn, smart {so smart}, funny, and 100% boy! He's also gentle and loving. A snuggler and a sweet sweet boy. He's content, happy, laid back and comfortable with himself. And he's already so independent.
I am so proud of the little person he's become. From the cutest little peanut on the planet to a roaring ball of energy {literally...he roars...or growls...} this kid has made our lives the best. Really--he's awesome. And we're so humbled to be his parents.
Give up once more for my friend Ken Bruggeman. He did such an incredible job capturing the memories of our journey as parents. I am excited to round out Burke's first year with another shoot with Ken and to see how artfully he will capture the warmth of our son's brown eyes and the charm of his toothy grin. Ken's photos always tell a story. And I love how beautifully our story is being spun.

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  1. Thank you so much Tabitha, and as always a huge thank you for the kind words. It has been a pleasure to be a part of you starting your wonderful little family. :)