Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving in Retrospect

A crazy whirlwind of activity. Chaos. Madness. The scent of turkey and stuffing wafting through the room, not to be outdone by the poopy diapers and pungent perfumes. Squeals, screams, laughing, giggling, yelling, talking, TV, mixers, squeaky floors, the clatter of plates and silverware. This was our Thanksgiving #1--a sensory overload! However, I did capture some adorable moments on camera and they make it all worth the craziness.

My little turkey actually weighed more than our edible version!

Burke loves his "Pa"

And his Ga-Ga

(Cousins) Give 'em a few months and they'll be best of friends and troublemakers for sure!

(Cousins) Paige was such a sweet little lover when she rocked Burke to sleep

She sang to him, and patted his hiney (never mind the fact that he weighs nearly half as much as she does!)

Oy! Cuteness!

(Cousins) Burke is very loved (tough/rough love, usually) by his twin cousins
 After lunch at Ben's parents' home, we escaped the chaos and sought the shelter and solace of our car for the 1.5 hour drive to my parents' house for Thanksgiving #2. The roar at my parents' home is much different, since Burke is the only baby. There are no other kiddie noisemakers, so it's the buzz of conversation and grown-up laughter that emanates from the rooms at their house. However, even that is chaotic and crazy at times too. So, we gorged ourselves with even more delicious Thanksgiving treats and enjoyed a few hours with my family before packing the boy up and heading home due to his ridiculously (though awesomely) early bedtime. But not before my mom's annual Thanksgiving Day family picture (which is sent out in every Christmas card she sends).

I am thankful every day for my husband, my son, my family and my friends. For the roof over my head and jobs. For health. For experiencing abundant love. And most of all for my Savior, who died that I may live freely and richly each day of my life.

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