Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Seemingly Slacker-Like Attitude Toward Blogging

Yes, I have been slacking on my bogging presence lately. Here are the reasons (not excuses) why:

1) I am working 2.5-3 days per week at my "real" job -- a.k.a. I get all dressed up and put on my intellectual thinking cap in order to draft briefs, counsel clients and assist the shareholders however they may require.

2) I have the most wonderful privilege of spending the evenings (on working days), weekends and 2 days per week with my son, who is a busy bundle of happiness and may or may not choose to take a nap(s) on each given day. Some days, he blesses me with a 2.5 hour morning nap and anther 45 minute to 1 hour nap in the afternoon. On those days, we might have a cleaner house and something tasty for dinner! Other days, it's more like a few little cat naps sprinkled throughout the day. On those days, we do chores that involve driving, go for walks outside, and have just some good old-fashioned quality play time. Mama and her baby boy!

3) Ben and I are working hard on turning a hobby into a business. We have been making candles for our own pleasure for a few years and have decided to turn it into a sort of cottage business for ourselves. No, we're not aiming to make millions in this modest venture. But we are hoping to earn enough to provide a steady supplemental income into our home (especially since I am now part-time at my "real" job). The company is called Smell This Candle Co. (because it's exactly what you say when you're shopping for candles with a buddy) and will feature eco-friendly soy candles of varying scents. I am so excited to get this business up and running, and have been spending much of my "extra" time working on building an inventory, experimenting with different scents, creating a website, and considering branding, marketing, and all of those little details. The most exciting piece of this business is the fact that 10% of the sale price from each sale will be donated to fund the fight against childhood cancer! (There is another post all in itself on the reasons behind this).

4) I enjoy spending the evenings (after the babe is sound asleep) with my mister. We need our own quality time in order to sustain a happy and healthy marriage. So I try to make sure that despite my urge to crank out another post, I am attentive to (and attended to) my hubby, whether it's talking, hanging out or (most likely) vegging because we are simply too exhausted for anything else.

So there you have it. A rather brief explanation behind my seemingly slacker-like attitude toward blogging. In reality, it's simply the one facet of my life that gets subordinated to the other, more robust aspects. It is an outlet that I enjoy, certainly. But it cannot giggle or coo, it cannot provide me with memories to dredge up in old age, it cannot cuddle me in bed or tell me that I am loved. So it is what it is--an outlet that I visit from time to time, always with good intentions of maintaining a presence, but realizing that it's okay if I don't because my "real" life (the physical one in which my senses are alive) is just so much more important.

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