Thursday, November 3, 2011


Who would have thought? A mini-blizzard in October? You bet that's what greeted us just two days before Halloween. It started coming down around 9 in the morning and continued to steadily fall and cover the ground until sometime during the night--long after I was sound asleep, I'm sure. (We do go to bed by 10 if we're lucky...sometimes 9:30)! All in all, maybe 4-6 inches of wet, white snow laying on top of still colorful fall flowers, green leaves and pumpkins.

While it was much to early for snow in my book, it did make quite a beautiful landscape that day. Fortunately, it was mostly melted by the warm sun the following day. And we are very thankful that we were not among the many who lost power due to the heavy snow. 

Is it strange that Burke's first experience with snow involves him wearing a jack-o-lantern sweatshirt rather than a warm snowsuit? Maybe. But it's all we had and we could not fail to document his first snowfall...however early it may have been.

Oh, and apparently the last time there was a Snowtober, there was also an earlier flood that year. The year of Hurricane Agnes--the flood that wiped out our home requiring extensive gutting and repair. Some 30 years later, we survived Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee, although only by the matter of one street. Just a bit more rainfall would have caused the sewers to back up into our basement as well. This year's water elevation levels were only a mere 6 inches below the levels of Hurricane Agnes and what do you know. We had a snowy Halloween! 

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