Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring In Our Back Yard

April showers bring May flowers...

Let's hope so! With all this rain, I hope April showers bring May sunshine too! We are definitely creatures of the light. Our moods, our skin, our outlooks on life... All improve with some good sunshine.

So this is our garden. I always love this time of year. The time of year when the green of Spring just can no longer hide under the drab brown of Winter. I smile, knowing Spring has come, when I see the crocuses showing their purple sleeves and yellow tie.

Ben has pruned our raspberry and blackberry bushes, which are now multiplying rapidly. We are hoping that either this year or next year we have a nice berry crop. Some of our parsley has come back from last year, although more will need to be planted. Nothing says Spring like the fresh taste of parsley garnishing your meal or complimenting your dish. He has also planted some onion bulbs and peas and intends to plant lima beans, carrots, lettuce, banana peppers and heirloom tomatoes. You know, those beautiful purple, yellow and red tomatoes. My mouth is watering.

Our neighbor, Dee, had given us some of her bleeding heart plant last year, which is one of the fastest-blooming plants I've ever seen. It's gorgeous heart-shaped flowers add some additional color and texture to our blossoming backyard.

I will update with more pictures as there is more color and vibrancy in our garden. But because I love tulips and my camera...just one more picture of one of the tulips that randomly come back to greet us every year.

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