Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hi, I'm Tabitha. This is my husband, Ben and my baby boy dog, Rutherford. We will soon be welcoming our very first child into this world, but I'll leave that for another post.

Welcome to my blog. This isn't a blog about our garden, although I will share about that from time to time. And to be truthful, I am not much of the hands or heart behind our garden (unless you count the tasty food that flows from the bounty). That would be the hubster.

Rather, this is my our journey to discover life as it was intended. In other words, to discover what life was like in The Garden. You know...Eden. The perfect place created just for us in which everything we could ever want, need and imagine was right at our fingertips. Ours to enjoy. We have come a long way from that paradise. From a natural and organic approach to life. Many advances I applaud, so do not get me wrong. This isn't a blog about hating modernity. Quite the opposite. It is about finding the place within our society where we can live in the magical collision of two worlds--the simplistic, holistic, natural and organic approach to living in harmony with the advances of modern science, technology and resources. It has beautiful potential.

Like I said, this is a journey. But I am ready to embark. So why don't you join me.

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