Monday, April 11, 2011

With One On the Way

So I mentioned that we would soon be welcoming our first child into this world. Here we are--just 8 short weeks away from my due date of June 4. Will Baby P come early, late or just on time?

We chose to not find out whether Baby P is a boy or a girl. There are very few surprises in our adult life, and being one who loves surprises (yes, I'm still as excited on Christmas Day as I was when I was a child), I didn't want to ruin this one.

 I often wonder who Baby P will look like. Will Baby P have hair? (I do hope so with the heartburn I've had)! What will his or her personality shape to be? What will it be like to hold Baby P in my arms for the very first time? How will I feel? What is that love like? Is it as unfathomable as it seems to me right now?

Will you look like Mama?

Or like Daddy?


One thing I know for sure. No matter when you come, or who you look like or how you act, you will be loved. By Mama and Daddy and so many more. Even Rutherford is already protective of you. He lays by my feet and waits by my side--he even lays at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me to come back down.

So fatten up and grow well inside of Mama. We can't wait to meet you!!

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