Friday, February 3, 2012

To My Darling Burke: Eight Months

Can you believe we have only one quarter of a year left before you will officially transition from baby to toddler? It seems like just yesterday you were born. And yet you are already becoming quite a little man...all. on. your. own. You are so over baby things. You are a big boy now. With a big boy's appetite. A big boy's energy. And a big boy's independence.

It's the last one that chokes me up at times and yet I'm fascinated just the same. You fight us for your spoon at mealtimes. You want to feed yourself. Because you are a big boy. Not a baby. You want everything but what you have, you reach for everything in sight. You love to explore and your curiosity knows no bounds. You are no longer satisfied by mere rice puffs. I can see it in the look in your eye, the frustration on your face. You're thinking Mom! Seriously?! Rice puffs...again? What do you think I am, a baby? So we have started giving you big boy food and you are like king of the world!

You have figured out how to get around, albeit not altogether the conventional way. You get up on all fours and rock back and forth. But when you want to go, you "worm" yourself to the dog's bed or some other forbidden nook. And your face. Your face gathers with utter determination--eyes wide but set, brows fixed and your trademark open-mouthed "O" expression. It makes me smile every single time. You are the cutest little boy I know!

You are still obsessed with jumping. You're always jumping. If you could jump wherever you needed to go, you would. And you're so strong. One of your favorite things to do is to pull yourself up on Daddy's pullup bar (while he's holding you, of course). Another favorite pastime is bath time! Your eyes light up and glimmer with the sheer excitement of splashing all of the water out of the tub and all over Mama. You have even begun trying to climb over the side of the bathtub while I am running your water. Smart little boy!

Your independence pervades every aspect of your being. You have become quite adept at using a cup to drink. You love water and light up whenever you see your cup (or Mama's cup...or Daddy's...). You have begun to wean yourself too. Because you're a big boy now. Finally, your independence is evident by the fact that you now put yourself to sleep. No more rocking and singing or bouncing you vigorously in my arms to get your eyes to close and your arms to go slack. You may let me have a minute or two of rocking but then you squirm and fuss as to let me know that it's time now to lay you in your crib where you will take charge of getting yourself to sleep. Such a big boy. My baby boy. Growing up. And I am so proud of you. And I love you so much. And nothing. NOTHING. can ever take that away.

My love is yours forever.


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