Saturday, December 17, 2011

Adventures with Santa: Burke's First Christmas

We are so excited to celebrate Christmas this year! It's not about the gifts. Burke won't be able to appreciate any of it, really. But to celebrate all of his "firsts" is just so exciting for us. To watch him take it all in and attempt to process it in that adorable tiny head--I wonder what he thinks. How exactly does he process it?

My mother-in-law wanted a picture with all of the grandkids on Santa's lap this year. So a few weeks ago, we all met at the mall and managed to catch a very patient Santa just before he was to go on break.

As you can see, Burke's first visit with Santa went fabulously! No beard pulling, ripping faces off, crying, vomiting or any other potential mishap commonly associated with wee ones. We even got a smile. Burke's second visit with Santa, however, went a little more like I predicted--beard pulling, beard eating, squirmy-ness! He knows a fake beard when he sees one!

The Intervention

Despite the beard pulling and necessary intervention, we were rewarded with the smile we know and love. Cozy as can be on Santa's sweet boy. He brings us so much joy! He is absolutely the best gift of all.

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