Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Art of Waiting...

"All good things take time" and "for everything there is a season." So why am I rushing this precious child from my womb? I certainly want it to be healthy and fully developed. To be the perfect creation that God intended. And so I am learning the art of waiting. And I have been reminded by Mother Nature just how special of a gift this art can be when truly perfected. A look at our garden reminds me that even the flowers and vegetables must wait to awaken to their full potential. We must wait for the seed to sprout and grow and blossom and finally yield fruit or vegetables or just the beauty that was intended.

Another Dr's appointment yesterday. It seems like I live there these days, and yet I can't wait to go as I eagerly anticipate that they'll tell me that my body has progressed even further. No such luck this time. Still the same as last week.

I do praise God for my health and for the baby's health. While we joke that the reward for unhealthiness is induction and getting to meet your baby sooner than later, and too bad I'm so healthy, it is truly just that. And when I stop to think about it, it's not really funny at all. I would never want to compromise the health or safety of my baby simply for my own selfish timetable or impatience. So I learn to wait. And in the waiting, to praise my Maker for keeping me healthy and for creating such a perfect, unique creation that I have the privilege of bearing and raising.

If there is still no baby, I will return to the Dr's again on Monday for another exam and a non-stress test. They like to monitor the baby's heartrate once it is past the due date, just to make sure the baby is not in any distress.

And, if there is still no baby on Thursday, June 9, then it looks like that will be our sweet baby's birthday. The doctor scheduled me for induction on that day. While it is still NINE days away (which feels like an eternity at this point), I am thankful that it is only nine days away. They could have scheduled me even further out. So I thank my doctor for showing compassion in that regard.
So like the blossoming plants inhabiting our garden, I too will continue to wait for my season to come. But not begrudgingly. With a happy heart. A heart that trusts the goodness of her Father and the perfection of His timing.

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