Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Backyard Explorer

With the 70 degree days and daylight savings time adding extra sunlight to our days, we’ve been hitting the outdoors. Burke has been having fun exploring his surroundings and eating everything he discovers.

 He loves racing to something that’s caught his eye. Usually, he does so at a surprisingly fast clip, with a determined or amazed look on his face and exuberantly exclaiming “Oooo!” in one of his many—probably intentionally meaningful (although lost of us)—inflections.
It is such a gift to rediscover the world through the eyes of a 9 month old babe. The amazement. The wonder. The eager anticipation. Trees, leaves, sticks, rocks, flowers, sky, birds and, his favorite, wind. He loves catching a face full of wind. He blinks his eyes furiously. Has to catch his breath. And always, always does it with his now signature wide-open-mouth toothy smile.
 And to think, it’s only March! So much time to explore. So much world to discover. I’m so glad I get to do it with him!

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