Tuesday, January 17, 2012

To My Darling Burke: Seven Months

I have known you now for more than half of one year. You are now closer to one than zero. And I wonder where the time has gone. It seems like just yesterday that I held you in my arms for the first time, wondering what we should name you. And yet, it'll be just the blink of an eye and we'll be singing "Happy Birthday" to our favorite little man as he smashes his cake and digs in with gusto. But I won't get ahead of myself--at least not at the moment. So here we are just two weeks past 7 months and you are still the funniest, most full-of-life little boy I know.

You have started to say "Dada" and when you get started, you don't stop. You babble constantly...I wonder if we'll ever have quiet once you really start to talk! I love to hear you talk as you play contentedly with your toys or traverse every corner and inch of your crib. You might just be an acrobat when you grow up. Or the guy that can fit into tiny spaces. You'll definitely be loving and kind and compassionate. Want to know how I know? God told me. And, you love to snuggle and "hug" Mama & Daddy. You are a little lover, that's for sure!

You also started "giving kisses" this month. What that means for you is to approach all things with an open mouth and then slober all over the recipient. That includes our mouths and even the dog. We think it's kind of gross to let you open mouth kiss the dog, so we try to stop you when possible. But you love your doggie and he lets you do whatever you want to him.

You got a few more teeth this month as well. You're not getting a break on teeth--but you do look so cute and silly with all of those little white teeth scattered throughout your mouth! When you smile and your teeth show--ah! My heart melts. And you love to smile and laugh. At nothing, at something, at everything. You're pretty easy to please!

You're so close to crawling, you can all but taste it. We see the frustration in your face, but we delight in watching your wheels spin as you figure out how to make your body work for you. Discovering the world is so cool! I feel so lucky to get to watch you do it. You have also started to pull yourself up on things, so we must now keep an even closer eye on you, my dear. (You nearly toppled headfirst into our wooden floor when you pulled yourself up on the laundry basket).

Thank you for the joy that you bring into our lives! I thank God for you countless times every day. There is just no little boy as sweet and as cute as you, Burke.


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