Friday, October 14, 2011

To My Darling Burke: Four Months

Four months old. My, how time flies! And what a precious, most wonderful four months this has been. You had a break at the doctor's at three months, but back we went at four to see how you have grown. And you have grown! You are now just over 15 pounds and 25.25 inches long. In just four months, you've gone from the 10th percentile in weight to the 65th percentile; and in height, you grew almost seven long inches! I cannot believe that you were ever as small as pictures portray. I do not remember you growing bigger in my arms. And yet you have.

Dressed in a premie outfit for your hospital pictures

Now you're wearing 6 month clothing and will soon be into 9 month
This month had many "firsts" for you. At 13 weeks, you learned to roll from your back to your belly. Your playmat was no longer interesting to you, because just as soon as we'd lay you down to look up at your birdies, you'd roll over to your belly. Once there, you would root around a bit, get angry because you couldn't get yourself back over and then give up and cry until we would roll you back over. Then, the whole charade would repeat. And repeat. And repeat. You loved to practice this new trick!

Just one week later, you figured out how to roll the other way--from belly to back. This is how you wake up now. Mama and Daddy will often hear you in your crib just talking to yourself. And then we know that you have made the trip from belly to back and no longer have any interest in sleeping. But you are always so content. In fact, you can entertain yourself in your crib for quite a while now which is a big help when Mama and Daddy are getting ready for work in the mornings! I got you a mobile for your crib now, and you love to watch the bees go round and round.

It was around 15 weeks when I first heard the sound that will bring joy to my heart giggled! And it was music to my ears. Sometimes, you giggle for no real reason at all. You're just a happy boy. But other times, Mama and Daddy enjoy hearing you giggle when we kiss you under your chins or nibble kiss your belly.What a sweet, sweet sound!

Once Mama returned to work, you all of a sudden stopped taking naps. Sometimes you would still nap for me, but you would fight and fight and fight. You were so tired and yet you couldn't seem to settle yourself enough to rest. You also had terrible congestion during this time. During the night, Mama and Daddy would feel so bad for you because your nose was so stuffy that you could hardly breathe. You didn't even want your pacifier during those times. After about three weeks of no naps and congestion, though, your first tooth broke through the surface of those slimy gums! I had no idea you would get teeth so early. Not even four months old. The day that tooth came in, love, you were back to napping like a champ! Amazing. And then, one week later (around 17 weeks), your second tooth came in. Now you have your two bottom teeth and you look absolutely adorable. You still gnaw on everything you can get into that silly little mouth of yours, so I'm sure more teeth will soon follow. But you are certainly back to yourself these days and Mama just loves every moment!

It has been a fun and fast four months, Burke. I am already so proud of you--you are learning so much every day and delight in each new thing. Thank you for bringing such joy to our lives! We love you!!!


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